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So mum seems to be settling into the new care home and appears to love one of the career, a woman called Tracy.

I'm going to see mum on Sunday and take her out for lunch, which should be great. My sister took my Neice to see her on Wednesday and said she was laughing and dancing with one of the men in the care home. :)

I've just had an argument with my brother.... both him and my sister are behaving appallingly. Both of them are circling like vultures over mums stuff saying that they want this and that out of the house - neither of them are prepared to pay for it, which they should do, even if it was a token amount. My brother especially is becoming terrible. It turns out he has 'offered' stuff to his friends!!! FFS, she's not dead!

All I have taken from mums house is the stuff I gave her, and ONE single photo of her parents.

We've now been told that as the house is a council house we have to remove everything by 11th August INCLUDING the carpets and curtains, FFS!!!

Anyway I have missed the SPN Bigbang - will have to try to catch up with it on AO3....

Life is just so bloody stressful right now, I think I am getting stress related Ezcema! Blimey

Anyway I am sorry this is a ranty, ranty post and not at all cheerful.... life really is shite at times
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So - some of you may know that my mum has dementia. She's had it for 8 years and her condition is steadily deteriorated.
Mum has been wandering over the last couple of weeks and on Saturday 17th June she disappeared sometime between 5pm – 9pm when the late evening carer came in. (Mum had disappeared on Saturday the 3rd of June)
Anyway after a huge search by the police (including the helicopter) and us she was found wandering the streets at 1.30am on Sunday 18th by some people who were on their way home from an evening out. Both times mum has been luckily found by good people – however this time she was very close to a not so good part of Bristol.
The people who found her found our contact details and brought her back to her house. my sister stayed with her overnight and we had to contact the out of hours social services and mum has been put into emergency respite care while we find a suitable place for her to stay long term.

Therefore at this moment in time mum is not at home, obviously, and I don’t see her going back there.

It’s been particularly stressful and upsetting as we have all known for a while that mum needs to be in a care home – we just didn’t want to get there.

The home she is currently in is lovely, but quite expensive which is why social services want to move her out. My sister and I have been to see a couple of homes and we have seen one we would be happy for her to go and live in, we just need to get social services to agree it.

All in all it has been very stressful and the guilt I feel at putting her in a home has been very bad.

I have to say that she has settled remarkably well into this home and as Rich (my partner) says 'it is a sign of how bad her dementia is that she has settled in there so well.' but as a child of a parent who has always said she never wanted to go into a home - you feel so guilty...

So life has been chaotic, busy, stressful and generally shit at the moment.

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I seriously do not have any time to myself lately.
I work Mon- Fri 9am - 5pm and then spend about 5 hours at mums on Saturday (so today really) and then a further 3 hours there on Sunday.
I am so tired.... tired of looking after her, which is a really bad thing to admit, but watching your mother's slow gradual decline due to dementia is so bloody sad. Seriously, if I get a dementia diagnosis? I will make my plans and sort myself out before it gets too bad.
I do sometimes worry that it is hereditary... I've searched and found that the chances of me getting dementia are between 30-50% How crap is that!
Anyway - Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK and for the first time in probably over a year and a half, Rich and I are going out to Berkley Castle for a day, just the two of us. Now, we have obviously been on holiday to the USA last year, and Vienna at New Year - but those are holidays... I'm talking about literally taking a day for the two of us. We really need it.
I have attempted to embed the media, but I am not sure it is going to work - so here is the Url of the website for Berkely.
We have been there before but about 15 years ago, so it will be nice to do something together

Hope you are all okay

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LOL. I'm not 100% sure what/how i am doing trying to learn DW. LJ is easy to use and I am not sure about DW yet!

In other news, I have had to put an official complaint in with our local Social Services as they are not listening to us about anything to do with mums care...Sigh!!

It is very stressful

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So since December 2015 I've been watching Emmerdale and especially the phenomenon which is Robron.

Essentially two male characters from the show have been through hell and back and have finally just got together....and then Emmerdale has decided to throw in a bit of cheating and a suspected baby with a fling...

Anyway I really like the show and have been an avid fan since 2015.

Anyone know any good Robron sites on Dreamwidth, I'd love to find them!

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So I've not been around for months - for which I apologise but real life has been hell since January. My mum (who has vascular dementia) has been ill, hospitalised and we (the family) have been battling with social services to get her in a care home, which they are completly ignoring.... anyway it is all very stressful

Anyway as with a lot of people I have imported all my LJ stuff on to Dreamwidth... my username is the same Marchia43

Link to my journal is below, if you wish to join me then great..

I'm probably not going to be around for a while now as life is just kicking me in the ass all the time....

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Now, in my opinion money isn't the route of all evil - it's religion. I live in the UK and two days ago two men chased and practically decapitated a man in Woolwich in London.
I was really shocked by this. The guy was a soldier and had been in Afghanistan but was back home. The guys who killed him were, allegedly, muslims who wanted to start a war in the UK...
Why can't people just let others believe what they want and just get on with their own lives?
I'm not particularly religious and maybe if I was I would have a better, more biased, opinion but who knows.
I feel sorry for the soldiers family, (A) because they know how horribly their loved one died, (B) because the soldier was back home, they felt he was safe.
I also feel sorry, to a certain degree, to people of the muslim faith (because that was what the guys who did it said they were!) because I fear the backlash that will happen to ordinary, peaceful muslims.
Part of me wishes we lived in a more insular society where people who believed one thing lived together and people who believed other things lived together and neither met at all.... if that makes sense.
Ultimately I don't see any benefit in religion if people truly believe it is right to hack someone to death, which let's be honest here is what they did, in the name of their god...
Sorry if people are upset by this post, but I just felt I had to put something down somewhere.

A-Z Meme

May. 24th, 2013 03:48 pm
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I know, I know loads of people are doing this, and some people hate them, but I love them;

A - Age: soon to be 47
B - Bed size: Double
C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom
D - Dog's name: No dog!
E - Essential start to your day item(s): coffee and loads of it!
F - Favorite color: Red, it always has been red.
G - Gold or Silver: Neither - I prefere platinum
H – Height: 5'8"
I - Instruments you play: none
J - Job title: Admissions Administrator
K - Kisses or hugs: Depends on who they are from
L - Living arrangements: me and my partner of 13 years Rich
M - Mood: On an even keel
N - Nicknames: When I was a kid I was called Marsha the Marshmallow Monster! Unfortunately I don't like marshmallow so I don't remember where the name came from!
O - Overnight hospital stays other than birth: Onely once when I found out I had asthma! Lovely
P - Pet Peeves: Ignorant, intolerable people
Q - Quote from a movie: "Life move's pretty fast and unless you stop and look around sometimes it will pass you by" Ferris Bueller 
R - Right or left handed: right
S - Siblings: complicated, technically I have 11 siblings, realistically I see 2 on a regular basis
T - Time you wake up: around 6am
U - Underwear: Yes please, fresh and clean every day
V - Vegetable you dislike: lettuce - what's the point of it?
W - Ways you run late: I don't! I'm never late - EVER. Seriously.
X - X-rays you've had: Teeth, ankle/foot.
Y - Yummy food you make: I'm pretty good at making vegetable curry.
Z - Zoo favorite: I don't like zoos, We have a safari park near me (Longleat) so I suppose if I had to choose it would be the wolves thre.

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So I went to A10 and I really don't know why I keep giving Rogue Events my money because they literally couldn't give a F**k about us the customers.
I turned up at my time to register and as usual they were running late. Met my mate Angela and had a chat - went back to the registration room and joined an even bigger queue by this time..... Anyway to cut a long story short it took me almost 2 hours to check in and when I did they didn't have the reserved seating sorted out and also someone was saying that people on the registration desks had messed up and given out incorrect packs. This meant that people had photo ops vouchers that they shouldn't have had and others didn't have photo ops that they had paid for!!!!

Luckily all I paid for was reserved seats and was told that those were to sorted out in the morning!

So go back to the bar and have a few more cocktails and checked into the hotel. Went to the opening ceremony which was supposed to start at 7.15pm and it started about 7.50pm because, and I do actually quote here, "The artists are having something to eat!" My god! the convention had almost started and they weren't able to feed them before it did?!??!

Anyway watched the opening ceremony and shuffled off to the bar again and more booze.
Went to bed but all I could here was the thump thump thump of the disco downstairs and then I have noisy neighbours! Why do I put myself through this year on year??? LOL

Next day loads of panels - Misha, Mark Shepherd, Osric, Julian, Rob and Emily and then the highlight for me Ty Olssson and Rick Worthy!!! Man they were hilarious and at 11:15am they were drinking Rum and Coke's and Ty decided to ring Jensen on his mobile. Now bearing in mind it was probably something silly like 3:30 am where Jensen was, I wasn't holding out much hope that he was going to pick up... Anyway the phone rang and then the automated message started saying "The number you have rung is switched off, please leave a message for..." AND THEN IT STARTED TO READ OUT LOUD JENSEN'S MOBILE NUMBER! LOL
Luckily because we are not mad, insane fangirls - when everyone realised what was going to happen we all shouted "NO!!" and Ty quickly pulled the phone away from the speaker saying "I didn't think about that!!"
So Jensen's number is safe and secure... LOL

They then proceeded to walk around the hall talking to people. All in all they were my favourite panel for the whole weekend.

I actually left A10 early because I wanted to spend sometime with my partner but they have announced that they will be doing A12 again... Shall I go????? probably, should I go? probably not. LOL

Anyway here is my impulse buy a Ty photo op and yes he is squinting but doesn't do that in real life!




May. 17th, 2013 10:29 am
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I've been stupidly busy since I got back from Vegas and today I am off to the Asylum (A10) convention for the weekend!!!!
I'm currently at work and hope to leave fro Birmingham in about two hours so I'm pretending to work and type on my keyboard, when in fact I don't have anything to do! LOL
I will try to upload pics and a short write up later in the evenings but depending on how much I actually drink (and boy can I drink!!) I may uterly fail!
Talking of failing - I haven't posted any new fics or finished any new fics for a long time.......
I've disabled comments because I don't really need any comments just wanted to put it out there!!!


Apr. 13th, 2013 10:04 pm
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I need someone to BETA with me a Supernatural Outsider POV fic which I have started but have stalled a bit. It's not a massive fic just a quickie.
I probably won't finish my first draft until later tomorrow so if someone is willing and can spare a few moments to give me a hand that would be lovely.
Oh I should say it is wincest.


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First and foremost, sorry for all the shite pics I have uploaded.... LOL Blurry, shaky stuff abounds...

So for the faint of heart here are my pics (under the cut)

Read more... )

I arrived in Vegas on the Wednesday afternoon and spookily met someone from the UK who goes to the Rogue Events Conventions here... I smiled at her and she blanked me.. LOL  Also in Vegas was the guys from Rogue Events Wayne & Paul - probably doing a mingle and wanting to see what the other people do.

So Vegas - what can I say except it is an amazingly OTT city and I loved it. The hotels are huge, the casino's are huge, the advertising budgets must be huge... the electricity bills must be MASSIVE! LOL
Surprisingly the cheapest hotel we stayed in at $38.99 per room per night (Plus taxes) was The Circus Circus and it was our favourite hotel. It was honest, cheap and gave us free WiFi, free local phone calls, free food, had great shows and the Chuck Jones Experience which was lovely. I hated the Rio hotel - the convention hotel, it was loud brash, noisy and not worth the $115 per night we paid and they charged for WiFi. The Stratosphere was nicer than the Rio but not as friendly as the Circus Circus and it was $50 per night and charged for WiFi. I find the charging for WiFi bizarre, the hotels have it, they all do, yet to charge you $12 per day for it is mad....

I enjoyed the convention but I felt that if you didn't have the gold tickets, and/or didn't have money to spend you really didn't get much J2 for your money.... they were actually only on stage for 1 hour.... yes you are correct 1 HOUR!!!! how bad is that?!?!? If I had known that I would only see them for 11/2 hours (due to the Gold Lunch deal) I would NOT have bought the ticket. I will not be going to another Creation Event due to that....
I finally met Chad Lindberg who was lovely and I really liked having my photo done with him. LOL

I am very tired still - probably jet lagged but glad I went to Vegas.... I did send post cards but people don't seem to have got them yet.
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I am finally back from Las Vegas and boy what a city that is!

I thought I would wait until I have uploaded my pics and then post a longer message, so I thought I would drop by and say HI.

I'll be back later today or tomorrow



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Just to let you know that I probably won't post again before I leave for Vegas on Tuesday.... So I thought I would say "Hi" and "Bye" until I get back. I will try to post stuff about the convention next weekend but am unsure at this moment what I need to do to upload photo's to photobucket to be able to upload them.

For anyone who is going to Vegas Con, I have put a pic of me and J2 below the cut, so if you see me wandering around the con on my own - please come and say hi!

Have a great couple of weeks people


My J2 Pic... )
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Bloody Daniel Day-Lewis. He wins the Oscar for the third time and my place of work is snowed under with reporters filming and interviewing people left right and centre!!!!

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So, Thanks to [ profile] a_phoenixdragon I've just watched the latest episode of Supernatural


So onwards and upwards to the next episode..

On a personal note: work life is rubbish at the moment which is why I haven't posted (or even written) anything lately so for that I apologise

Take Care
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Shamelessly stolen fro an [ profile] alezig

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's Parker ...she likes money and cereal." I'd love it if everyone who's friended me did this. (Yes, even you people who I know really well.) Then post this in your own journal [only if you feel inclined]. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer*.

*Providing it's answerable/suitable for public posting.


Jan. 20th, 2013 12:14 pm
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I have a question to ask people on my F-list
I have bought a ticket from someone on LJ for the vegas con (gold ticket), I was worried that the seller may try to sell the ticket again and stuff so I bought another general admission ticket for the Saturday (J2 day) 
I would like someone to have it if I don't need it but can't guarantee it until Friday when I try to get the gold ticket (if that makes sense) I DON"T WANT ANY MONEY FOR THE GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET
My question is this... do you think I should post this on All SPN's LJ convention ticket section before I leave the UK or should I just wait and see and then offer the ticket right at the last minute on the Friday when I get to the convention and have the gold ticket in my hand?
I would feel bad if someone travels to Vegas and then can't get in (if my gold ticket turns out to be invalid for whatever reason) 
What do you think people?

Snowy day

Jan. 19th, 2013 01:58 pm
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So this is a view of of my back garden right now. What you can't see is the hanging basket of bird treats we have gone out and bought to feed the birds nor the can of dog food we put out for an injured fox we saw this morning... Now I have no idea what you are supposed to feed a fox but thought dog food was good enough! LOLIMG_0346
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So peeps, I am just warning you that I am going away (I know I've done it before, but this is just to remind you!) and will probably not post anything nor read anything until I get back on the 30th
I am flying off to Vienna, Austria for Christmas and it is currently snowing! YAY! 
Although Rich has had a sudden toothache which is killing him and he has to try and get an emergency appointment tomorrow and depending on what they do, (if they take a tooth out etc.,) there may be a possibility that he won't be able to fly - if that happens I am not sure whether I want to go to Vienna on my own! LOL
And another thing - Why is internet access so expensive when you go to another country? Blimey!!!
So because I am not using my mobile or laptop I would like to wish you all a 

VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS (whether you celebrate it or not)TO YOU ALL




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