Mar. 16th, 2013

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I am finally back from Las Vegas and boy what a city that is!

I thought I would wait until I have uploaded my pics and then post a longer message, so I thought I would drop by and say HI.

I'll be back later today or tomorrow



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First and foremost, sorry for all the shite pics I have uploaded.... LOL Blurry, shaky stuff abounds...

So for the faint of heart here are my pics (under the cut)

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I arrived in Vegas on the Wednesday afternoon and spookily met someone from the UK who goes to the Rogue Events Conventions here... I smiled at her and she blanked me.. LOL  Also in Vegas was the guys from Rogue Events Wayne & Paul - probably doing a mingle and wanting to see what the other people do.

So Vegas - what can I say except it is an amazingly OTT city and I loved it. The hotels are huge, the casino's are huge, the advertising budgets must be huge... the electricity bills must be MASSIVE! LOL
Surprisingly the cheapest hotel we stayed in at $38.99 per room per night (Plus taxes) was The Circus Circus and it was our favourite hotel. It was honest, cheap and gave us free WiFi, free local phone calls, free food, had great shows and the Chuck Jones Experience which was lovely. I hated the Rio hotel - the convention hotel, it was loud brash, noisy and not worth the $115 per night we paid and they charged for WiFi. The Stratosphere was nicer than the Rio but not as friendly as the Circus Circus and it was $50 per night and charged for WiFi. I find the charging for WiFi bizarre, the hotels have it, they all do, yet to charge you $12 per day for it is mad....

I enjoyed the convention but I felt that if you didn't have the gold tickets, and/or didn't have money to spend you really didn't get much J2 for your money.... they were actually only on stage for 1 hour.... yes you are correct 1 HOUR!!!! how bad is that?!?!? If I had known that I would only see them for 11/2 hours (due to the Gold Lunch deal) I would NOT have bought the ticket. I will not be going to another Creation Event due to that....
I finally met Chad Lindberg who was lovely and I really liked having my photo done with him. LOL

I am very tired still - probably jet lagged but glad I went to Vegas.... I did send post cards but people don't seem to have got them yet.


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