Jul. 14th, 2017

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So mum seems to be settling into the new care home and appears to love one of the career, a woman called Tracy.

I'm going to see mum on Sunday and take her out for lunch, which should be great. My sister took my Neice to see her on Wednesday and said she was laughing and dancing with one of the men in the care home. :)

I've just had an argument with my brother.... both him and my sister are behaving appallingly. Both of them are circling like vultures over mums stuff saying that they want this and that out of the house - neither of them are prepared to pay for it, which they should do, even if it was a token amount. My brother especially is becoming terrible. It turns out he has 'offered' stuff to his friends!!! FFS, she's not dead!

All I have taken from mums house is the stuff I gave her, and ONE single photo of her parents.

We've now been told that as the house is a council house we have to remove everything by 11th August INCLUDING the carpets and curtains, FFS!!!

Anyway I have missed the SPN Bigbang - will have to try to catch up with it on AO3....

Life is just so bloody stressful right now, I think I am getting stress related Ezcema! Blimey

Anyway I am sorry this is a ranty, ranty post and not at all cheerful.... life really is shite at times


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