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Just to let you know that I probably won't post again before I leave for Vegas on Tuesday.... So I thought I would say "Hi" and "Bye" until I get back. I will try to post stuff about the convention next weekend but am unsure at this moment what I need to do to upload photo's to photobucket to be able to upload them.

For anyone who is going to Vegas Con, I have put a pic of me and J2 below the cut, so if you see me wandering around the con on my own - please come and say hi!

Have a great couple of weeks people


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So I live in an ordinary two storey mid terrace house. The house next door to me was recently bought by this nice(ish) couple who keep to themselves. Anyway at 6:30 tonight I went out to my local supermarket to get groceries and looked up and saw the guy in their back bedroom (which they have converted into a large bathroom, complete with frosted glass but missing the oh so needed curtain), having a wank in the shower! Now I can never look either of them in the eye! LOL 
On another front my LJ friend Calamitycrow sent me this pic of a baby stingray and it is oh so cute! (I have no idea if this is a photoshopped pic or not but I like it and want to believe it is real! Pic is after the cut.

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See what I mean? Cuteness abounds

Life stuff

Dec. 1st, 2012 01:55 pm
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So firstly my eye thing is gone! YAY! I did have to help it on its way with a pair of tweezers but it is gone and I looked at my face and thought 'my god, I actually feel better!' 
Now I have my eye thing for pretty much 30 years and it has only been the last couple of months that I have wanted to get rid of it. Anyway even with being poked with a red hot needle I have to admit I would do it again just to get rid of the skin tag. LOL
Been out to take my mum food shopping (Morissons is quite good right now!) and now back to clean the upstairs of my house. Can't bear to do both the up and down stairs in one day as it is to untidy! LOL. Off out tonight to a party for a 25th wedding anniversary to a pair who are so diametrically opposed as you can imagine. They fight like cat and dog all the time and think it is normal!
Anyway I have a busy day today.
ALSO - I won a bid on the FandomAid for Superstorm Sandy! I was so convinced that I wouldn't win because the author is (I think,) well known and writes fabulous stories. So because I was convinced I would be outbid I never thought of an idea of what prompt to give them! Now I have literally just come up with something and sent it to them and hope they like my idea. 
Anyway I have to go and clean up so will be back tomorrow


Nov. 11th, 2012 02:15 pm
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Suddenly 3 days before the spn_reversebang is due in my muse comes back and I start writing again!
I still haven't changed the ending because the fic needs to be expanded more and deserves a bigger storyline.
Surprisingly for me it is PG - yep no nookie at all!! Although the next part I have already decided what to do and it will change!
Now I am off to watch the Rugby, it's England V Australia (I think Australia will win this one) and Scotland V South Africa (South Africa will probably win this one)
My beloved Wales lost to Argentina yesterday - and deserved to do so.


Sep. 13th, 2012 03:56 pm
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I've just spent the last couple of minutes writing an email to a friend and have now decided to post pretty much what I wrote to her.
I'm stuck in the middle of my story, well the start to be honest! I have written the first chapter and it was in first person (my preferred way of writing) and it just didn't flow right so I have redone it in second person and it works better but needs 'fleshing out', but now I have no idea how big the story is going to be and what I want to do with it! I want more angst and it is supposed to be a Hurt Dean story so I need more hurt in it! Yikes! so yeah a bit stuck....
On a personal front I am going out tonight to see a play which has an actor who trained at my school, the director and designed both trained at my school (and teach here) and is using a venue which is very good -
I'm going with a mate and will end up having a few drinks and a meal!
So probably a good night.
I wish you all a good day/night
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So day two of my holiday and I have been to the gym, now home to do some online shopping (Xmas is coming you know!) LOL
I have written the first chapter of my story! 1450 words and now I am a bit stuck so may have to leave it alone for a day or two to get my head around it properly.
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Have had a busy 1st day of my holiday... Went to the cinema with mum, to see The Expendables 2 and yes, it is exactly how you think it is going to be! However it did make me LOL! then went to Coal for lunch which was lovely, then shopping at Morrisons which was fine - now home! joy!
AND onto my new story, double joy!

Home! Joy!

Aug. 27th, 2012 09:18 pm
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So after 4 days of the Terry Pratchett Discworld Convention I am home! JOY!
The convention was really strange, it is run by amateurs and the logistics are pretty huge but they made it work (mostly).
There was a load of people wandering around in strange outfits. Way overpriced items for sale and so truly hideous 'acting' by the worst amateurs you have ever seen.
I was really bored most of the time - but Rich enjoyed it (he does love the Discworld novels more than me!)
Saying that even he said he probably wouldn't go to another convention. The convention went like this;
Turn up, register (really quickly), go to newbies talk. Spend the evening watching an obviously ill Terry P wander around the stage looking very frail - this was a bit upsetting. Drink, then bed.
Turn up for sect meeting to find only 2 people had turned up (there were 950 people at the convention) wander around ALOT, eat shitty food, drink, watch the worst type of amateur dramatics you have ever seen with THE WORST SOUND system ever.
Sunday (ME not Rich)
Get up, wander over to Birmingham Airport for something to do. drink, eat, spend lots of time reading my kindle. Turn up in the evening for FREE drink (best part of the weekend.)
Get up, check out and wait for Rich to be ready to go home.
Now I am home I have a great idea for a story (not con related!) and will start writing it tonight/tomorrow.
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So I've managed to register into the Discworld Convention in less than 5 minutes! which is a lot better than Rogue Events 2hr waiting time....
Have checked into the hotel.
We've seen Terry Pratchett (the author of the Disworld novels)
Have sorted the internet.
Everything is going well

Life stuff

Aug. 23rd, 2012 04:39 pm
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I have just had a payrise! Woo Hoo!!!
AND I am off on holiday for two weeks and going to a Terry Pratchett Discworld convention tomorrow so more Woo Hoo's!!!!!
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So my writing challenge has finished and suddenly I realise how much time I actually spent nocking out 13 short stories, ficlets and drabbles totalling 18729 words! In six weeks!
I always hoped I could write a BigBang fic and I now think I can do one, so next time author sign ups happen i'm there baby! LOL
So today I am at work (alone) so much time will be spent reading porn... Ahem I mean reading fanfiction! LOL
Anyway the point on this post was to say that last night after I got home from watching The Bourne Legacy I sat down and suddenly realised I didn't have to write anything! JOY!
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So I took my mum to see the Bourne Legacy - not expecting much, I really love the Bourne films.... Anyway I have to say that I LOVED it, Jeremy Renner is fab as a new genetically modified agent. At one point (the Manilla bits for anyone who has seen it) I was moved (he was in pain) and thrilled (they were being chased).
Not sure about the ending, however they have to leave it open for a sequel - which I would go and see.
Great Job..
That's all, I have nothing else exciting to say.


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