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So I went to A10 and I really don't know why I keep giving Rogue Events my money because they literally couldn't give a F**k about us the customers.
I turned up at my time to register and as usual they were running late. Met my mate Angela and had a chat - went back to the registration room and joined an even bigger queue by this time..... Anyway to cut a long story short it took me almost 2 hours to check in and when I did they didn't have the reserved seating sorted out and also someone was saying that people on the registration desks had messed up and given out incorrect packs. This meant that people had photo ops vouchers that they shouldn't have had and others didn't have photo ops that they had paid for!!!!

Luckily all I paid for was reserved seats and was told that those were to sorted out in the morning!

So go back to the bar and have a few more cocktails and checked into the hotel. Went to the opening ceremony which was supposed to start at 7.15pm and it started about 7.50pm because, and I do actually quote here, "The artists are having something to eat!" My god! the convention had almost started and they weren't able to feed them before it did?!??!

Anyway watched the opening ceremony and shuffled off to the bar again and more booze.
Went to bed but all I could here was the thump thump thump of the disco downstairs and then I have noisy neighbours! Why do I put myself through this year on year??? LOL

Next day loads of panels - Misha, Mark Shepherd, Osric, Julian, Rob and Emily and then the highlight for me Ty Olssson and Rick Worthy!!! Man they were hilarious and at 11:15am they were drinking Rum and Coke's and Ty decided to ring Jensen on his mobile. Now bearing in mind it was probably something silly like 3:30 am where Jensen was, I wasn't holding out much hope that he was going to pick up... Anyway the phone rang and then the automated message started saying "The number you have rung is switched off, please leave a message for..." AND THEN IT STARTED TO READ OUT LOUD JENSEN'S MOBILE NUMBER! LOL
Luckily because we are not mad, insane fangirls - when everyone realised what was going to happen we all shouted "NO!!" and Ty quickly pulled the phone away from the speaker saying "I didn't think about that!!"
So Jensen's number is safe and secure... LOL

They then proceeded to walk around the hall talking to people. All in all they were my favourite panel for the whole weekend.

I actually left A10 early because I wanted to spend sometime with my partner but they have announced that they will be doing A12 again... Shall I go????? probably, should I go? probably not. LOL

Anyway here is my impulse buy a Ty photo op and yes he is squinting but doesn't do that in real life!




Jan. 20th, 2013 12:14 pm
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I have a question to ask people on my F-list
I have bought a ticket from someone on LJ for the vegas con (gold ticket), I was worried that the seller may try to sell the ticket again and stuff so I bought another general admission ticket for the Saturday (J2 day) 
I would like someone to have it if I don't need it but can't guarantee it until Friday when I try to get the gold ticket (if that makes sense) I DON"T WANT ANY MONEY FOR THE GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET
My question is this... do you think I should post this on All SPN's LJ convention ticket section before I leave the UK or should I just wait and see and then offer the ticket right at the last minute on the Friday when I get to the convention and have the gold ticket in my hand?
I would feel bad if someone travels to Vegas and then can't get in (if my gold ticket turns out to be invalid for whatever reason) 
What do you think people?

Home! Joy!

Aug. 27th, 2012 09:18 pm
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So after 4 days of the Terry Pratchett Discworld Convention I am home! JOY!
The convention was really strange, it is run by amateurs and the logistics are pretty huge but they made it work (mostly).
There was a load of people wandering around in strange outfits. Way overpriced items for sale and so truly hideous 'acting' by the worst amateurs you have ever seen.
I was really bored most of the time - but Rich enjoyed it (he does love the Discworld novels more than me!)
Saying that even he said he probably wouldn't go to another convention. The convention went like this;
Turn up, register (really quickly), go to newbies talk. Spend the evening watching an obviously ill Terry P wander around the stage looking very frail - this was a bit upsetting. Drink, then bed.
Turn up for sect meeting to find only 2 people had turned up (there were 950 people at the convention) wander around ALOT, eat shitty food, drink, watch the worst type of amateur dramatics you have ever seen with THE WORST SOUND system ever.
Sunday (ME not Rich)
Get up, wander over to Birmingham Airport for something to do. drink, eat, spend lots of time reading my kindle. Turn up in the evening for FREE drink (best part of the weekend.)
Get up, check out and wait for Rich to be ready to go home.
Now I am home I have a great idea for a story (not con related!) and will start writing it tonight/tomorrow.
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Here it is!

Sorry about the shaky hands, I am leaning out the hotel window
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So I've managed to register into the Discworld Convention in less than 5 minutes! which is a lot better than Rogue Events 2hr waiting time....
Have checked into the hotel.
We've seen Terry Pratchett (the author of the Disworld novels)
Have sorted the internet.
Everything is going well


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