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So - some of you may know that my mum has dementia. She's had it for 8 years and her condition is steadily deteriorated.
Mum has been wandering over the last couple of weeks and on Saturday 17th June she disappeared sometime between 5pm – 9pm when the late evening carer came in. (Mum had disappeared on Saturday the 3rd of June)
Anyway after a huge search by the police (including the helicopter) and us she was found wandering the streets at 1.30am on Sunday 18th by some people who were on their way home from an evening out. Both times mum has been luckily found by good people – however this time she was very close to a not so good part of Bristol.
The people who found her found our contact details and brought her back to her house. my sister stayed with her overnight and we had to contact the out of hours social services and mum has been put into emergency respite care while we find a suitable place for her to stay long term.

Therefore at this moment in time mum is not at home, obviously, and I don’t see her going back there.

It’s been particularly stressful and upsetting as we have all known for a while that mum needs to be in a care home – we just didn’t want to get there.

The home she is currently in is lovely, but quite expensive which is why social services want to move her out. My sister and I have been to see a couple of homes and we have seen one we would be happy for her to go and live in, we just need to get social services to agree it.

All in all it has been very stressful and the guilt I feel at putting her in a home has been very bad.

I have to say that she has settled remarkably well into this home and as Rich (my partner) says 'it is a sign of how bad her dementia is that she has settled in there so well.' but as a child of a parent who has always said she never wanted to go into a home - you feel so guilty...

So life has been chaotic, busy, stressful and generally shit at the moment.



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