Sep. 13th, 2012 03:56 pm
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I've just spent the last couple of minutes writing an email to a friend and have now decided to post pretty much what I wrote to her.
I'm stuck in the middle of my story, well the start to be honest! I have written the first chapter and it was in first person (my preferred way of writing) and it just didn't flow right so I have redone it in second person and it works better but needs 'fleshing out', but now I have no idea how big the story is going to be and what I want to do with it! I want more angst and it is supposed to be a Hurt Dean story so I need more hurt in it! Yikes! so yeah a bit stuck....
On a personal front I am going out tonight to see a play which has an actor who trained at my school, the director and designed both trained at my school (and teach here) and is using a venue which is very good -
I'm going with a mate and will end up having a few drinks and a meal!
So probably a good night.
I wish you all a good day/night
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So day two of my holiday and I have been to the gym, now home to do some online shopping (Xmas is coming you know!) LOL
I have written the first chapter of my story! 1450 words and now I am a bit stuck so may have to leave it alone for a day or two to get my head around it properly.
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I prefer cats.... in my opinion you should never pet anything with a mouth big enough to eat you! You don't hear of cats killing people do you!
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The last thing I bought was a book on Amazon by JD Robb
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When I was a kid I really wanted to be Spock from Star Trek.................... what does that say about me!!!! LOL
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My opinion? Nothing, sorry....


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