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We English complain when it's hot, complain when it's cold! LOL 
It's so hot here in Bristol that I cant be bothered to go anywhere or do anything and would love it if it was cold and raining right now! 
Although it's never to hot to drink Cidre so I am off to get one and then order pizza - LOL 
Bang goes the diet and any hopes I had of doing some writing today! 


Jul. 24th, 2012 11:41 am
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So I work in an acting school and I order all of the stationery supplies for the school. Well today I get an email from one of my suppliers saying if I order from them they will give me all 3 Fifty Shades books......? WHY?
Firstly is that not sexist? Are they supposing that all the buyers of stationery are women?
Secondly, what happens if someone is unhappy with the content of these books?
Seriously - that is not an appropiate "offer" to entice people to buy your stock?????

I have read all 3 novels but I still don't feel this is a suitable offer to give to businesses...

What do you guys think?


Apr. 11th, 2012 07:52 pm
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So today I went to the hospital (after being recommended by my GP) to get, what I thought was an ultrasound and biopsy and it ended up being a chat with a consultant who recommended I get an ultrasound and biopsy?!?! WTF? What a waste of my time.....

One allegedly 'good' thing is that it is not a cyst, the consultant says it is something to do with a swollen lymph node (which, if I was honest I could have told him! the git!) all I want to know is it is cancer or not?! Bloody hell, just tell me. buggers! LOL

So after having the morning off to go to the hospital, it only took 15 minutes. 

On another note, looking forward to taking my mum out on Saturday - I have no idea where we will go but I'm sure she will like going anywhere! LOL


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